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How to deal with debt guide

Our ‘How to deal with debt’ guide helps people take the steps they need to deal with their debts.

About the guide

We offer a number of resources for free-to-client advice agencies, including our ‘How to deal with debt’ guide.

The ‘How to deal with debt’ guide is now available for clients in EnglandWales and Scotland.

The guide uses behavioural insight techniques and has gone through extensive user-testing to maximise the chances of people taking the steps they need to deal with their debts.

How to use the guide

To help you get the most of the new National Debtline guide, we have compiled handy tips on how to use the guide with the people you support.

The guide sets out three steps:

Step 1: Know what you’ve really got. This step takes users through completing an accurate and sustainable budget that is compliant with the Standard Financial Statement (SFS).

Step 2: Maximise your money. This steps looks at how users can increase income and reduce expenditure.

Step 3: Choose your debt solution. This step looks at the different solutions for dealing with debts and how to engage with creditors.

Accessing the guides

Orders can be placed in bulk to your agency. Orders are limited to: 30, 60, 90, 120 or 150 guides.

You can also access electronic pdf versions of our guides online instantly.

Please note: physical copies of the guides are free for charities. For other organisations there may be a charge. Please email if you are unsure.

England and Wales version

Order physical copies

Unfortunately due to unforeseen demand, we have run out of England and Wales versions of the guide.

The PDF version of the guide can be accessed to the right of this screen.

Access the online version instantly

Our ‘How to deal with debt‘ guide has information to help people in lots of different debt situations.

Access the England and Wales online pdf version here. Download and share as required.

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