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Our funding

We are funded by a range of organisations including banks, building societies, private trusts as well as by government to help people in problem debt and to improve the money and credit environment.

Money Advice Trust

Since 1991 the Money Advice Trust has been helping people across the UK to deal with their debts and manage their money with confidence.

We believe that debt advice should be provided free for people and small businesses that need it.

We are able to give people the advice they need through the funding we receive from banks, building societies, utility companies and other companies, creditors, and government.

Partnership model

Funding to support our work can be categorised into four broad streams:

Charitable donations – We receive charitable income guided by our Case for Support funding model, which sets out the benefits of our work to specific contributing organisations. We also receive donations for specific projects associated with the delivery of free debt advice. Additionally the Trust receives ad-hoc donations in support of its wider work.

Commissioned services – Specific funding to help support the provision of free-to-client debt advice via our front-line services, largely from the debt advice levy administered by the Money and Pensions Service

Contact centre – Income derived from the referral of appropriate clients to providers of debt management solutions

Commercial revenue – We provide training and consultancy to creditors and other stakeholders, with the aim of improving support for customers in potentially vulnerable circumstances. Any funds generated from the provision of training and consultancy services are invested back into the Trust to help fund our wider work

Our funding principles

The nature of any funding relationship we engage in is guided by our funding principles.

These principles are ratified by our Funder’s Forum and form the basis of any funding relationship.

Read our funding principles

Contact our partnerships team

To find out more about our funding and how you can work with us, contact our partnerships team.

Ian Robinson

Head of Business Development

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