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Public sessions

Our public vulnerability courses cover a range of subjects to help staff develop the skills to identify, communicate and support customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Inclusive design is at the heart of regulatory supervision.

Of increasing importance in the conversations about vulnerability – inclusive design is the development of buildings, products, services, or processes that are accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability, or other factors.

Firms needs to be taking into account vulnerability throughout their design process, and mitigating any potential for harm.

This course will help you, and your teams, understand what inclusive design is and how you can use it when designing products and services.

Inclusive design for essential services

Delivered online


Inclusive design means designing services and products for everyone to participate in the experience with the same sense of belonging. It’s about understanding and empathising with customers, making sure none feels disadvantaged or left behind.”

– Angelica Nesi, Vulnerability and Design Lead, Money Advice Trust

Course overview

Course aim: This course will help you, and your teams, understand what inclusive design is and how you can use it when designing products and services.

Course outcomes – By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Define what inclusive design is and why it is important when designing products for customers
  • Identify what good inclusive design looks like
  • Apply inclusive design principles.

Who is it for? Product design and marketing teams, vulnerability specialists or anyone whose role involves championing the needs of customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Meet the trainer: Angelica Nesi

Angelica is a Service Designer passionate about Inclusive Design!

During her undergrad in Industrial Design, Angelica discovered her passion for observing and redesigning the customer experience, which led her to transition into Service Design. Throughout her academic years, Angelica developed an interest in understanding users in vulnerable circumstances, which drew her into the world of financial services and led her to work in the financial industry for a few years, focusing on inclusive design methodologies and user research.

Recently Angelica decided to pivot into the field of education, pushed by the vision of building students’ careers through a meaningful and inspiring educational experience.

Angelica’s collaboration with Money Advice Trust started a few years ago now, and she has been fortunate to have the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds and organisations and encourage conversations around inclusion and accessibility as well as sharing tools and framework for applying inclusive design within their process.

Training options

We can also deliver our training courses virtually in-house and via e-learning to staff. This can be tailored to your organisation’s needs and requirements, get in touch to find out more.

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