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Public sessions

Our public vulnerability courses cover a range of subjects to help staff develop the skills to identify, communicate and support customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Front line creditor staff continue to be presented with difficult situations in supporting customers across the whole range of vulnerable circumstances that people experience. The cumulative effect of dealing with these challenges – particularly during the Covid-19 outbreak – can impact staff wellbeing both emotionally and professionally.

Building resilience helps us to stay safe, well and effective in our roles. To help the credit industry as it seeks to improve resilience in every workplace, we are holding a public session of our new remote learning course, building personal resilience to help you to support your staff.

Building personal resilience

25 May 2022

9:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Delivered online via Zoom


"The better we become at creating environments where our customers feel more comfortable telling us what is going on in their lives, the more we are exposed to information and situations that can be difficult to hear. Covid-19 has meant that many of us may be going through similar challenges as our customers. We wanted to create a course that helps colleagues to keep well while helping others."

- Caroline Wells, Customer Experience Expert, Money Advice Trust

Course overview

Course aim: The aim of this course is to provide staff with an insight into what affects their resilience and the practical steps they can take to support their own wellbeing.

Course outcomes - By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand why people react the way they do when they are under stress and strain
  • Identify and explore their personal boundaries and triggers
  • Identify practical steps to take when they are in ‘the moment’
  • Understand the steps to take to look after themselves both during and after an interaction with a vulnerable customer
  • Identify what environmental factors they can influence and change for the better.

Who is it for? All front line, customer-facing staff, management, specialist teams, back-office staff and relevant suppliers.

Meet the trainer: Caroline Wells Customer Experience Expert

Developed by the Money Advice Trust’s customer experience expert Caroline Wells, this course aims to provide staff with the practical tools needed to maintain resilience through challenging times, help staff to prepare for situations as they arise and the uncertainty customers may face as a result of potentially difficult situations.

As a pioneer of accessible and inclusive customer service, Caroline has worked with people in and around financial services for over 25 years. Caroline has influenced positive change that optimises the needs of disabled people and vulnerable customers.

Training options

We can also deliver our training courses virtually in-house and via e-learning to staff. This can be tailored to your organisation’s needs and requirements, get in touch to find out more.

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