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Help to Repay proposal

We’re leading a coalition of charities calling on the Government to introduce a Help to Repay scheme for energy arrears .

High energy prices have had a significant impact on low-income households and energy debt is now at a record high. With people’s finances stretched to the limit, many people with energy arrears are struggling to repay. 

We’re leading a coalition of charities calling on the Government to introduce a temporary Help to Repay scheme. This would provide eligible households with help to reduce what they owe through repayment matching and debt relief.

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The impact of high energy bills

  • One in four people with energy debts are currently unable to repay
  • An estimated 6.4 million (12%) UK adults are behind on their energy bills – up by 824,000 since April 2023.
  • More than one in five, an estimated 11.6 million UK adults, say they have cut back on food and other essentials to meet their energy costs.
  • 4.7 million people have sold personal possessions to pay their energy bills.
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Letter to the Chancellor

We’ve written to the Chancellor, with the support of 13 other charities and organisations, highlighting our concerns about the impact of high energy costs on the people we help and urging the Government to announce funding for a Help to Repay scheme to help provide safe routes out of debt for people facing unaffordable arrears.

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How would a Help to Repay scheme work?

Our Autumn Statement submission sets out more detail on why a Help to Repay scheme is needed, how it could work and the benefits this would bring.  

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Under Pressure: Tracking the impact of the high cost of living

Our Under Pressure briefing  is the third in a series on the cost of living, and highlights the impact high costs – including energy bills – are having on UK households and our clients at National Debtline.

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National Debtline

If you’re experiencing financial difficulty, our advisers can help. Contact National Debtline today for free, impartial advice.

Call: 0808 808 4000 or visit

Get in touch

If you are a charity or organisation working in this space and would like to join our campaign, contact our Senior Influencing Manager Grace Brownfield at

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