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National Debtline responds to call for input on energy standing charges

The charity that runs National Debtline responds to Ofgem's announcement to re-open discussions on the energy standing charge

Posted November 16, 2023

The charity that runs National Debtline has responded to Ofgem’s call for input on the energy standing charge, how it is applied to energy bills and alternatives that could be considered.

Jane Tully, acting deputy chief executive of the Money Advice Trust, the charity that runs National Debtline, said:

“Ofgem’s announcement to re-open discussion on the standing charge is welcome. Our advisers at National Debtline hear first-hand the difficulties people are facing in paying their energy bills. High standing charges make the problem worse and unfairly hit households on lower incomes. While it’s a complex area, it is right that Ofgem explore what a fairer and more affordable approach could look like.

“For many people, however, the devastating impact of high energy prices has already been felt. The Chancellor has the opportunity in Wednesday’s Autumn Statement to help people trapped in energy debt, by launching a dedicated Help to Repay energy arrears scheme.”

“If you are worried about your finances, our National Debtline advisers are here to help.”   

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