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Supporting vulnerable customers

A new, refreshed and updated vulnerability e-learning course to help creditor staff, help their customers.

Supporting customers in vulnerable circumstances

Health, disability, unemployment, bereavement, domestic violence and addiction can all contribute to making someone vulnerable. Customers in vulnerable circumstances are especially susceptible to detriment. Your staff need to know how to identify and work with these customers in a way that is both consistent and fair.

A lot has changed since we launched our flagship vulnerability e-learning, with updates to regulation and organisations’ approaches to supporting customers evolving. Our new e-learning reflects these changes, brings to life real customers in vulnerable circumstances and provides the opportunity to tailor the course to your organisation’s needs.

Find out more about our new vulnerability e-learning course below.

Our vulnerability e-learning

By completing this e-learning, your staff will be able to identify a vulnerable customer and what they are vulnerable to, have a meaningful conversation with a vulnerable customer to understand their support needs and how to provide the right support.

Course overview

To enable learners to understand the meaning of vulnerability, how to identify it and how to support vulnerable customers, we break vulnerability into four parts:

  1. The practical meaning of vulnerability
  2. How to identify a customer who is vulnerable (and how to start a conversation about this)
  3. How to understand a vulnerable customer’s needs
  4. How to support a vulnerable customer

The module is divided into six sections with one assessment, and takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

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What is new

Our interactive e-learning is an effective way of building foundational knowledge across your organisation.

Our new course is more interactive and includes new content based on the FCA’s vulnerability guidance and Consumer Duty. With a focus on staff skills and conversations, new features include:

  • Audio of real customer communications to bring to life the reality of a conversation with a vulnerable customer.
  • Insight via videos from our Vulnerability Lead Consultant Chris Fitch.
  • Audio description for text to be played as an audio file.
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Tailor the course to meet your needs

We can provide you with a file to upload to your Learning Management System (LMS) or we can host the learning for you.

Our vulnerability course can be tailored to your organisations’ needs. This includes the opportunity to host the e-learning on your own systems, adding key stakeholder videos and links to your intranet and tailoring messaging based on your policies and processes.
Speak to the team to find out more.

We’ve worked in the area of vulnerability since 2011. During that time we’ve helped over 300 firms, and more than 30,000 staff, to deliver the best experience, support, and outcomes for their customers.

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