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Energy arrears continue to break records as households grapple with unaffordable debt 

National Debtline responds to latest Ofgem energy arrears figures.

Posted June 28, 2024

National Debtline is calling for urgent action to tackle energy debt, as energy arrears levels continue to break records.  

Ofgem’s latest figures show energy debt levels have reached £3.3bn - up from 3.1bn in December 2023.  

The leading debt advice charity says an energy Help To Repay scheme is vital to helping people trapped in energy debt and bring arrears levels down – something it says should be a priority for the next Government.  

More than a third (36 percent) of people who contacted National Debtline in May had energy debts.  

Steve Vaid, chief executive of the Money Advice Trust, the charity that runs National Debtline said:    

“Energy debt levels continue to break records as households grapple with unaffordable arrears. Without urgent action, debts will continue to build and struggling households will remain trapped in energy debt.  

“Tackling energy arrears needs to be an urgent priority for the next Government. 

“A Government backed Help to Repay scheme, to provide repayment matching and  write off options for people with unmanageable energy debts, would help bring debt levels down.  

“It’s positive to see some energy firms introducing repayment matching, but this must be made available to all who need it.  

“I would urge anyone worried about their energy bills to seek free, independent debt advice from a service like National Debtline as soon as possible.” 

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